• CBT and BallBusting

Latex Blue Balls

Latex Blue Balls   testicles stockings slaves slave slap pain latex fetish model latex femdom bound bite balls Asian dominatrix

Asian dominatrix and latex fetish model Miss Mya has one of her slaves tied down and helplessly awaiting for attentions. She has let him go for over a week without an orgasm and has been fondling and teasing him mercilessly the entire time. She knows his testicles are painful and…

FemDom CBT Blowjob

FemDom CBT Blowjob   testicles stomping on nuts slaves slave miniskirt kicking femdom cockbiting Chayse Evans CBT beating balls abusing the testicles

Chayse Evans has a perfect body and she discussed her cockbiting fantasy for a few minutes before abusing the testicles of her pathetic slave! She began kicking and kneeing her slaves balls after he talked back to her and she disciplined the insolent Asian man by beating him with her…

  • CBT and BallBusting