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A Good Spanking

Filed Under (Cock Ball Torture) on 29-03-2016

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Mistress Nyxon gets creative with a classic hand drill that involved nipple clamps and one very twisted up cock. She then adds electro-pads to her slaves balls and shocks him so bad he can barely stay in position.

A Good Spanking   spanking slaves balls nipple clamps mistress

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Hard beating by two cruel girls

Filed Under (Ball Busting) on 12-03-2016

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Mistress Lea and Mistress Cynthia beat the out of her slave, they kick him, trample him, jump on him, stand on his face, kick him in the balls over and over with her old sneakers Nike air Max.

Hard beating by two cruel girls   trampling slave mistress cruel girls beating balls kick

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Cheyenne Swing Set

Filed Under (Cock Ball Torture) on 01-02-2016

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Mistress Cheyenne leads slave will in by a chain around his cock. She then straps him into a swinging bed and begins his torment for the day. Cheyenne whips, paddles, and canes his cock to get him warmed up. The more pain she inflicts, the harder wills cock gets.

Cheyenne Swing Set   torment slave pain mistress

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Mistress Ambers Debut

Filed Under (Cock Ball Torture) on 01-11-2015

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Mistress Amber figures out her slave decided to eat like a human, instead off of the floor like the dog that he is.

Mistress Ambers Debut   slave mistress cock torture

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Ballbusting Wrestling Match

Filed Under (Ball Busting) on 31-10-2015

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Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off her wrestling moves, and adds ballbusting to the mix.

Ballbusting Wrestling Match   wrestling mistress ballbusting

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The Lion’s Den

Filed Under (Ball Busting) on 23-10-2014

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Mistress Ariana is back! Thank You Goddess Ariana. In this clip She kicks this dude’s nuts REPEATEDLY and laughs hysterically when She drops him. She comes across sweet and innocent but She’ll eat your head off and spit it out. Welcome to the lion’s den!

The Lions Den   mistress ballbusting

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Ball Torture

Filed Under (Cock Ball Torture) on 19-07-2014

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You need it, you love it, you enjoy it. I torture your balls. With my fist, with my shoes, with my feets. Hard, harder, hardest. I do not stop, I make your balls blue like a bird egg. Never again you will make a woman pregnant. You stay infertile. Never you will get a baby. Say the safeword and I stop the torture. Or you like it to be wait for the powerlessness? Is this what you need? To feel the feets, fists, shoes of your mistress beetween your legs, idiot? I laugh so loud, I enjoy the view how you rolling on the flor while you have a lot of pain. But I see it in your eyes that you enjoy it and you do not like to stop. You wait until you say the safeword, is not it?

Ball Torture   torture pain mistress balls ballbusting

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Ball Whipped

Filed Under (Ball Busting) on 16-06-2014

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Mistress Rose finally granted us access to a private session. If you’ve worshipped Her feet @ Footnight parties you’ll know She’s got amazing feet, but She also loves to kick men in the nuts. She’s got Her own style which is like a whipping action. Creates a lot of pain for the slave and plenty of enjoyment for Her!

Ball Whipped   whipping slave pain nuts mistress kick ballbusting

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Ball Stomping

Filed Under (Ball Busting) on 16-09-2013

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This man is the kinda guy that just really likes sexual orientation doms to walk all over him. As you can tell he’s a limp prick loser that enjoys women abusing him. This mistress starts pushing him around and kicking his dick.

Ball Stomping   women abusing men stomping mistress limp prick loser kicking

Impact Session

Filed Under (Cock Ball Torture) on 09-07-2013

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Mistress O is an expert at impact play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a whip, cane, paddle, or her bare hands, Mistress O knows exactly how to work a slave. She takes her slave through a painful session with various implements, and pushes his limits.

Impact Session   slave painful mistress

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CBT and BallBusting