Trample Or Cbt?

It’s that age old question, which is more painful trampling or cock and ball torture? The girls are curious as well, so they use the slave to find the answer. Sophie starts trampling the slave in her pretty pink high heeled shoes while Mistress Antonia puts the slaves balls in a vice and tortures them. After a suitable amount of screams from the slave they ask him which hurt more. Alas the slave can’t decide, so the girls switch places and the torture resumes now with Mistress Antonia trampling him and Sophie slapping his balls. Poor slave, hopefully he can figure out a proper answer soon!

Trample Or Cbt?   slaves balls slave painful trampling mistress cock and ball torture balls slapping

Strong Balls Competition

Mistress Antonia is hanging out with her friend Sandy when they decide to put their slaves to the test with a ball kicking competition! They line up their slaves against the wall and take turns kicking each slave directly in the balls. Over and over they kick in some of the most hardcore ball kicking you’ve ever seen! The slaves yell, scream, and occasionally almost fall to the ground, but they do their best to please their owners. ‘Stay up, you don’t wanna embarrass me’ Mistress Antonia chastises her worthless pet. On it goes until finally Sandy’s slave falls to the ground.

Strong Balls Competition   slaves mistress ball kicking

Ball Torture

You need it, you love it, you enjoy it. I torture your balls. With my fist, with my shoes, with my feets. Hard, harder, hardest. I do not stop, I make your balls blue like a bird egg. Never again you will make a woman pregnant. You stay infertile. Never you will get a baby. Say the safeword and I stop the torture. Or you like it to be wait for the powerlessness? Is this what you need? To feel the feets, fists, shoes of your mistress beetween your legs, idiot? I laugh so loud, I enjoy the view how you rolling on the flor while you have a lot of pain. But I see it in your eyes that you enjoy it and you do not like to stop. You wait until you say the safeword, is not it?

Ball Torture   torture pain mistress balls ballbusting

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