• CBT and BallBusting

Divine Bitches: A Divine Introduction

Divine Bitches: A Divine Introduction   tease and denial submissive slave punishment Maitresse Madeline humiliates human dildo helpless goddess femdom CBT

When Chanel Preston is in the room, you immediately get the sense you’re in the presence of a goddess. With her killer body, seductive eyes and devious attitude she will render you helpless and break you down into the little submissive man you are. Maitresse Madeline noticed this quality in…

Terrible Groin Kicks

Terrible Groin Kicks   torture sadistic torture sadistic pervert kicking humiliates groin kicks genital pain cock and ball torture brutal blowjob biting

Anya teases and tempts you with her long legs and firm butt while stomping and kicking and kneeing you in the balls! While she is causing immense genital pain she also humiliates and insults you by calling you a loser and a pervert which she knows that you love! Next…

Classic Femdom Punishment

Classic Femdom Punishment   squeezing spitting punishment punches pervert kicking humiliates femdom bubble butt blonde balls ballbusting ballbuster

loser and a pervert and Im gonna make you regret even having these balls… said the blonde ballbuster to her future eunuch! It is ball busting season and Shayne Riders ballbusting schedule is jam packed! Her next eunuch is chained to the rocks and before dispatching his puny…

  • CBT and BallBusting