Schlong torture pleasure

Schlong torture pleasure   schlong torture CBT Rob hangs out with this girl that knows how to tie him up literally. Actually this girl knows how to professionally tie. So we hired her to tie up Rob’s penis and weiner sexy and tight. He had a johnson during the shoot for quite some time, but I think that since we had him tied up like this for over 2 hours that he started to lose his man power. As you can tell his balls still look like they’re ready to explode. I know he couldn’t wait to get off.

Divine Bitches: A Divine Introduction

Divine Bitches: A Divine Introduction   tease and denial submissive slave punishment Maitresse Madeline humiliates human dildo helpless goddess femdom CBT

When Chanel Preston is in the room, you immediately get the sense you’re in the presence of a goddess. With her killer body, seductive eyes and devious attitude she will render you helpless and break you down into the little submissive man you are. Maitresse Madeline noticed this quality in Chanel and brings her here to Divine Bitches for all you miscreants and freaks to worship. Even Troy, a built confident man, can’t seem to shake the effect Miss Preston has on him. Her sly tongue humiliates while her picturesque body turns him on. She denies him any pleasure and only dishes out punishment CBT. She derives pleasure from fucking his ass deep with the strap-on then uses his cock as a human dildo. Finally, after much tease and denial, Miss Preston allows her muscular slave meat to release his filth but only much to her amusement! Miss Preston is quintessential femdom material. GET ON YOUR KNEES pindick it’s time to prove your devotion!!!

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Divine Bitches: La Semence Des Vampires

Divine Bitches: La Semence Des Vampires   young punishment mistress milking humiliation flogging femdom cock and balls CBT caning

Halloween is my favorite holiday. To celebrate on this fantasy filled time of year I wanted to do something different to get all Divine Bitches members in the spirit. La Semence Des Vampires (The Seed of the Vampires) is an ode to vampire movies of the past and all their cinematic delight paired with a femdom twist. Aiden Starr; the head vampire, finds her power diminishing day by day. Aiden realizes she needs more than blood to survive and only an innocent piece of man meat has what she needs to feed. For their mistress, Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire leave the comfort of their dilapidated crypt in order to seek out the young flesh and seed of John Jammen who unbeknownst to him is seduced by the striking beauty and sultriness of the vampires. John is sucked into an underground world of BDSM, punishment and fetish sex where femdom vampires not only feed off of his blood but milk his cock and balls raw till every last drop of his seed is their own. On top of the higher production you will enjoy all of your favorite fem dom nuances including flogging, humiliation, nipple teasing, pantyhose, ass worship, ruined orgasms, CBT, foot worship, CFNM, raw milking, strap-on ass fucking, heavy caning, zippers, breath play, sex in bondage and much more! Happy Halloween!

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Divine Bitches: Hot For Teacher

Divine Bitches: Hot For Teacher   sadistic punishment punished perverts pervert masturbating humiliation CBT caning

If you’re a foot fetishist you’re in for a treat. If you’re a dirty, masturbating pervert in need of heavy punishment you will relate. If you ever wanted to get fucked in the ass by two of your sexy, sadistic teachers this is the answer to your fantasy. Nomad’s caught masturbating in the student bathroom and filthy fucking perverts like him who spread their filthy seed all over the academy need to be punished. Thankfully, for us, Mistress January Seraph and Mistress Dragonlily are the type of teachers you always wanted to fuck. Nomad’s no different and needs a punishment! Heavy spanking, caning and CBT are all included along with copious amounts of foot tease, a foot job, ass worship and strap-on ass fucking! Somehow you get the feeling that despite all the humiliation this smutty pervert would do it all again just for the chance to fuck these smokin hot teachers!

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Divine Bitches: FemDom Bootcamp Episode 2

Divine Bitches: FemDom Bootcamp Episode 2   whipping tease and denial slave mistress humiliation femdom CBT caning

This is January Seraph’s own personal tease and denial. Mistress January teaches Jack to be a better slave by helping him to stop thinking with just his unusually large cock. She does this with lots of CBT, whipping, caning, humiliation and evil tease and denial. Yeah, this Bitch ends up using his ginormous cock because why the hell not, who wouldn’t!? However, rest assured, she never lets Jack forget even for one split second that it’s all about HER pleasure and NEVER his!

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Relentless CBT Attack

Dahlia was talking to her sister on her phone when an upskirt peeper was staring at her crotch underneath the table. After hearing him masturbating beneath her she pulls him from under the table and begins kicking his nuts like a pair of pinatas! Dahlia Denyle calls him names and humiliates him by spitting on him and abusing his naked balls. Thats what he gets for exposing his pathetic tiny genitals to such a hot ballbusting bitch! Dahlia teases him by taking off her mini skirt and she kicks and stomps his balls wit her sexy black high heels.

Relentless CBT Attack   stomps spitting mini skirt masturbating kicks humiliates heels genitals CBT balls ballbusting

Double femdom CBT

Poor male slave! As if one unmerciful dom wasn’t enough to make him suffer this time it’s two latex dommes getting him wrapped in shrink, hitting his dick head with electric current and massaging his genitals with a large vibrator. Masked and bound he can barely move and even breathing is difficult cuz these evil femdom bitches give him no timeouts during this kinky CBT session.

Double femdom CBT   male slave kinky CBT femdom CBT double femdom cruel mistress CBT session CBT

Double femdom CBT   male slave kinky CBT femdom CBT double femdom cruel mistress CBT session CBT

Urethral Play

Urethral Play   urethral plays with pussy panties mistress CBT
We found a few never released videos in a our archives! Here is a hot sounding scene of Mistress Amber and Mistress Hunter. Mistress Amber has a guy sitting on the couch between her and Mistress Hunter. Amber shoves several different sized sounds down the guys cock, while Hunter sits back, drops her top, slides her hand down her panties, and plays with her pussy as she gets off watching the guy’s cock getting fucked.
Urethral Play   urethral plays with pussy panties mistress CBT

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New CBT Chair Test Run

Femdom Kat gets to be the first Dom to strap a slave into our new chair that was made especially for cock and ball torture. The meanest thing that Kat does is a a zipper of clothes pins right down the shaft of his cock. With him strapped in his feet off the and his hands bound behind his back Kat begins to play. She busts his balls with her boots and slaps his cock.

New CBT Chair Test Run   slave slaps cock femdom cock and ball torture CBT busts balls

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