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  • CBT and BallBusting

Handjob Hell

Handjob Hell   handjob bound slaves penis

Brittany casually strokes the bound slaves penis, giving him a rare glimpse of pleasure. But she demands that he beg for it at all times. ‘I don’t hear any begging’ she reminds the slave, and stops stroking every time the slaves begging isn’t up to the task. ‘Please don’t stop’…

Violation of Human & Civil Rights

Violation of Human & Civil Rights   young trampling slave humiliation dominatrix brutal boots ballbusting ball kicks

American Dominatrix Miss Lindsey Leigh humiliation session: She orders Her immigrant slave to do whatever makes Her giggle. Several loogies in the face, several HARD ball-kicks & trampling in boots. Oh and She wants Her sweaty ankle socks sniffed AND licked….not to mention ordering him to lick out Her…

Punishing His Nuts

Punishing His Nuts   torture smack balls pain

It almost seems like men’s balls shrivel just a little when in the presence of Princess Leya. That’s likely because she has a tendency to torture them, to repeatedly smack a man’s balls over and over again often for no particular reason. At least today she is rewarding the slave…

  • CBT and BallBusting