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Relentless Groin Kicks

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Bathroom Ballbusting

Bathroom Ballbusting   kicks balls ballbusting

Miss Devin doesn’t like when houseboys fuck up shoe-organization. They get humiliated with kicks to the balls, foot deep-throating ‘n having to lick house dirt off Her feet. The Miss is strict and doesn’t fuck around. Click here to download the Bathroom Ballbusting video cl

The cure for Chronic Masturbation

The cure for Chronic Masturbation   punches painful masturbation kicks Jessica Bangkok genitals femdom cockbiting brutal blowjob balls ballbusting

Kicking guys in the balls was never part of Jessica Bangkoks training when she was studying to become a therapist. However she finally snapped when one of her patients needed a cure for his non stop masturbation addiction! This insane ballbusting story started in Dr. Bangkoks office where she helps…

Doctor’s Special Facesitting Sinus Remedy – Jasmine Shy

Doctors Special Facesitting Sinus Remedy   Jasmine Shy   yoga pants vibrator smothering orgasm magic wand leggings Jasmine Shy hitachi facesitting

Kyle Chaos is visiting the Doctor because his sinuses are bothering him. Dr Jasmine Shy has an unorthodox solution. She is going to shove his face in her ass, and make him worship it, playing with his breath until he feels better. Jasmine is wearing tight black yoga pants, and…

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