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Underground Dungeon Series – Ballbusting Passion

Underground Dungeon Series   Ballbusting Passion   young dominas spitting sadistic pleasure foot worship dungeon ballbusting In his fifties, distinguished, Richard wears a tie in all circumstances. He loves to get sack tapped by young dominas who use and abuse him. The mere idea of being at the mercy of a little perverse makes him spin out of control! Tonight he has an appointment in a dungeon that is well known by Young Goddess Club’s aficionados. A ballbusting session is set with Gaelle, renowned for her beauty and cruelty. The big bald guy knows his going to suffer badly. Only real masochists can understand the subtle line where the most extreme pain joins the most intense pleasure. To be dominated by Mistress Gaelle is a privilege that many subs envy and it’s with her naked feet that the Beauty is destroying Richard’s nuts. Her soft voice contrasting with the violence of her kicks. No need to be a student in psychology to see the sadistic pleasure that this 20 year old bad girl is feeling when she’s torturing her flunky. Richard is writhing in pain and rolling on the ground.

Click here to download the UNDERGROUND DUNGEON SERIES – BALLBUSTING PASSION video clip

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting