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This Is Why you’re A Loser!

Mean Miss Giselle laughs at Her loser-slave for liking being kicked in the nuts. She can’t believe it & comments to Her roommates who are in the room watching.

She just can’t believe this loser came over to pay Her good money to kick him in the nuts and not lightly; She kicks him HARD! So hard he drops to his knees a couple times. She finishes w/a lighter form of torture: She knows he doesn’t like feet so She slips Her sneaker off so She can make him sniff Her sweaty, dirty socks while making sure he knows what a loser he is!

This Is Why youre A Loser!   torture nuts knees kicks kick dirty socks ballbusting

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  1. Another loser exposed as he shuold be. This is a game Ms Sabina Erotica plays for real. I know for a fact, she has me in blackmail control bliss. I hope you milk him for thousands of dollars. So hot!

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