• CBT and BallBusting

The cure for Chronic Masturbation

Kicking guys in the balls was never part of Jessica Bangkoks training when she was studying to become a therapist. However she finally snapped when one of her patients needed a cure for his non stop masturbation addiction! This insane ballbusting story started in Dr. Bangkoks office where she helps patients discuss their issues. One of her patients suffered from a severe case of chronic masturbation. When he began playing with his cock in front of her she immediately began solving his problem with a brutal form of Japanese Tamekeri that consisted of painful kicks and punches to the balls while he was jacking off! The treatment escalated when she started encouraging him to touch himself by letting him feel her massive Asian boobs and she swiftly attacked his genitals with brutal kicks to prevent him from eminent arousal! This form of femdom tease and denial cock torture evolved into an all out cockbiting and ballbiting blowjob that nearly broke his tiny genitalia!

The cure for Chronic Masturbation   punches painful masturbation kicks Jessica Bangkok genitals femdom cockbiting brutal blowjob balls ballbusting

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting