• CBT and BallBusting

Stepsister and Friend Torment Stepbrother’s Balls

Stepsister and Friend Torment Stepbrothers Balls   trampling torment stepsister sits on face punishment pantyhose jerk off destroying balls castrate busts balls Chris and Amiee are stepbrother and stepsister. Their daddy is an evil crime lord, and Chris did something to upset his stepfather. Amiee is dying to know what he did to get tied up on the board, so while Chris is awaiting his punishment, Amiee snuck in to get the scoop. Chris doesn’t want to talk about it, so Amiee gets bratty with him and tramples him, sits on his face, slaps his face, steps on his throat, and busts his balls to try to get him to talk. Later on, Chris is out of the dungeon, and recovering on the couch. Amiee’s friend, Aria Angel, dropped by. Amiee had told her that she could wait for her at home after ballet class before they meet up and go out. Chris starts to creep Aria out, so she puts her foot in his balls. She’s even more creeped out that he kind of likes it, but turned on at the same time. She crawls onto him goes for his balls harder, clearly getting into it. She grabs him by the balls and stands him up for some kicks. After she drops him with a particularly hard kick, she tramples him, stepping on his cock and his stomach. Amiee walks in on her pervert stepbrother and her best friend, and she’s had enough. Her friend Aria is happy to assist in destroying his balls, because that was what was turning her on in the first place. Amiee holds her stepbrother up, while Aria Angel pounds his nuts with knees. They giggle together with each blow, and then Amiee tells her stepbrother that she’s going to castrate him. She wants to fuck with him one last time, so she jerks her stepbrother off onto her friends shiny pantyhose covered leg, reminding him of how he’ll soon be castrated the whole time.

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting