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Goddess Ice brutal karate kick

Cruel Goddess Ice showed off the most brutal karate training, hard boot kick a slave, it was a brutal drill, soon this slave is covered all over with cuts and bruises, the slave fell and was unwilling to stand up, she stomp and trample him brutally. The goddess spent all her strength, in fact, she was tired, so she had a short rest, she ordered the slave to kneel before her, licked her boots and smelled her socks, she has been sweating a lot, nylon socks are very smelly, but the slave had no more time to enjoy the stinky feet, the cruel goddess attacked again, she kicked the slave down. she went to trample on the face and body of the slave and humiliate him, then she ordered the slave to stand up, continue her karate kick training. a continuous face high kick, back spinning kick and high leg whip kick to attack him in the face. soon the slave was doomed. the slave could not stand up anyway, the cruel goddess took the slave’s arm, and her foot was resting on the slave’s throat and squeezed it hard, Goodbye, lowly servant!

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting