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Can I Hit His Balls

This slave generally performs very efficiently for Ms Bliss and Pandora. Now it’s time for Nora to find out why her mom has such an efficient slave. The key is application of pain to a slaves balls, it does wonders for slave performance! Pandora and Ms Bliss have no trouble torturing slave balls, but for Nora this is definitely a first, and quite weird to be honest. So the other girls help out, mom holds up the slaves balls positioning them for optimal torture and thus allowing her daughter Nora to slap them at her pace. At first she does some tentative slaps, but then begins to discover the joy of smacking a slaves balls. Poor slave, as if Pandora and Ms Bliss weren’t enough, now he has a third girl that will be torturing him!

Can I Hit His Balls   torturing balls torture slave balls slave pain balls smacking

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting