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Brenna Wants to Castrate Her Slave

Brenna Wants to Castrate Her Slave   torment slave pantyhose knees kneeing jerk off handjob cock slapping castrate ball slaps ball kicks Brenna wants to play a game with Lance. His balls are on the line. If she can get him to cum, she gets to keep his balls as a trophy. Of course, she isn’t going to give him a nice handjob. She slaps, knees and grinds his balls, slaps his dick, and gives him all kinds of hell, while keeping him encouraged with her sexy body and a smooth lubed handjob. She even lets him touch her body, just to keep him fully teased. She’s going to get his balls, but she’s going to take her time. Brenna Pepper then changes into a tight lace thong teddy with shiny white pantyhose. Now she wants to torment Lance’s cock and balls standing up. She keeps him on the edge of pain and pleasure by jerking his cock slowly with lube when she isn’t slapping the hell out of it, or kneeing him in the balls. Brenna Pepper is determined to get the cum out of his cock this time. She kicks him hard in the balls for starters, then puts his sore cock between her legs and crushes it between her shiny pantyhose covered thighs. She makes him grab and squeeze her perfect tits while she jerks him off, because she knows it’s going to make him cum, and that’s where he loses it, all over her shiny pantyhose. Brenna stands him up right after he cums. He’s feeling defeated, and knows she’s serious. Just he case he doesn’t, she knees him hard in the balls.

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CBT and BallBusting

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