• CBT and BallBusting

Bella Plays a Mean Ballbusting Game – Bella Love

Bella Plays a Mean Ballbusting Game   Bella Love   torment Bella Love ballbusting Bella Love is wearing a tight black leotard, striped purple tights, and her hair is in pig tails. She Makes Lance a deal. She’ll jerk him off, but if he cums, she’s going to knee him in the balls. His balls are sore him from all the torment lately, but he’s really horny. She gives him a couple light knees as she milks his cock to tease him, but as he gets closer to cumming he’s scared because Bella doesn’t mess around when she really wants to hurt some balls. He tries to hold back from cumming, but she turns around and puts her sexy perfect ass right on him while she milks his cock and looks back at him, reminding him of how hard she’s going to knee him. He blows his load all over her ass, her leotard, and her tights. She smiles, turns around and knees him repeatedly.

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting