• CBT and BallBusting

Beauty and brutality

Beauty and brutality   kicking foot domination female domination boot domination ballbusting I love HUMILIATING my slaves and reminding them of their place in this life. These losers grovel at my FEET and do whatever I say- no matter how degrading or painful. But that is just the beginning. Me and Mis Lori start kicking the slaves balls so that he moans in pain. Well some minutes before he said he could take pretty much as many kicks to the balls and that I could kick him as hard as I wanted over and over, haha! I won’t say too much… but lets just say he was leaking the “redd stuff” by the end and he ended up with his balls the size of grapefruit. But I didnt even feel bad coz they told me that this is what these losers are used for. I mean seriously? LOL I guess It’s like their only PURPOSE. So I made him literally kiss the boots that took him out of commission for six months. He had to go to the doctor! HAHAHA! SOOO much fun! (for ME, anyways!!)

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting