• CBT and BallBusting

Ballbusting His Desires – Mistress Gaia

Ballbusting His Desires   Mistress Gaia   Mistress Gaia kicking balls double domination ballbusting Myself and Mistress Opal have our slave on his knees waiting on us. He is going to have the luxury of receiving a double domination experience. He considers himself a bit of a lad of ballbusting. So both of us are not going to hold back. We begin kicking his balls and cock, each of us taking our turn. He’s been told to remain on his feet. If not, then he’ll be kicked even harder. As we continue with our punishing kicks, our slave squeals and crawls about trying to protect his balls. However, there is no escape. He also has to worship our feet, keeping his ass in the air so we can kick his exposed hanging fruit. He’s not such a lad now as he grovels at the feet of Mistress Gaia…

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CBT and BallBusting

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  • CBT and BallBusting