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A Ballbusting Engagement

A Ballbusting Engagement   slapping balls pantyhose leggings kicking balls handjob fishnets ballbusting Olivia convinced her martial arts instructor to propose to her by breaking his balls and implying that he’d eventually get laid. Now they are getting ready for an engagement dinner, and they are arguing. Olivia gets sick of the argument pretty quick, and kicks Derek in the nuts. She’s half dressed, only wearing underwear and fishnets and a bra. She commences to break his balls and talk sweetly to him, settling the argument in her own demented way: pinning him to the ground, wrapping her sexy fishnet covered thighs around his neck, slapping and kicking his balls, and keeping it sexy and sweet the whole time. Eventually she ties him up to the wall to step up the teasing and consequences. She starts to lube up his dick, and brings him right to the edge of orgasm, just to leave him and come back. But when she returns, she doesn’t let him release, she just edges him again, then kicks him hard in the balls and leaves him tied up to suffer. She teases him more with her sexy ass, and eventually grows tired of this game, so she unties him, apologizes, then drops him with some hard knees and finishes him with a scissor hold. Oliva walks off ominously, she isn’t done with her new fiance yet. Olivia returns to Derek. He’s still naked on the floor and now she’s wearing a latex skirt and black pantyhose. Olivia proceeds to take him back and forth from please to pain with hits to his balls and a really sweet handjob. She teases him with her sexy ass, puts her feet and ass in his face, stands up to kick him in the balls, but keeps going back to stroking to keep him on the line. She eventually milks his cum out onto her black spandex leggings, giggling the whole time.

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CBT and BallBusting

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