• CBT and BallBusting

Classic Femdom Punishment

Classic Femdom Punishment   squeezing spitting punishment punches pervert kicking humiliates femdom bubble butt blonde balls ballbusting ballbuster

loser and a pervert and Im gonna make you regret even having these balls… said the blonde ballbuster to her future eunuch! It is ball busting season and Shayne Riders ballbusting schedule is jam packed! Her next eunuch is chained to the rocks and before dispatching his puny…

Blitzkrieg Ballbusting

Blitzkrieg Ballbusting   thong testicles stomping on nuts panties pain mini skirt masturbate kicking nuts humiliating bare feet ballbusting ball busting

Danielle and her blind date return home after having a lobster dinner and he immediately expects a blowjob! Tired and turned off by the situation Danielle refuses and her sleazy date takes off his pants and sticks his exposed genitals in her face! She teaches him a lesson in etiquette…

  • CBT and BallBusting