Extreme Ball Busting Femdom Porn

Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! DomBallBusting is ready to become your ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! Dommes gone wild! They will enslave your sack with kicking, trampling, and more! Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel. Join them for the ultimate thrill!
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It’s Not Your Dick

Silly slave thinking his cock is still his. No, it’s property of Princess Jennifer just like every other part of him. And his cock makes the perfect tool to introduce her friend Goddess Katy to femdom, by having both girls kick him in the nuts repeatedly until he crumbles to the floor in pain.

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Ripe for punishment

Rebecca discusses her fascination with ballbusting and she finally gets the opportunity to act out her wildest femdom fantasies with a mail-order painslut! This sexy petite blonde ballbuster began kicking his balls while wearing tiny black thong panties and a very high miniskirt! She kicks and punches and slaps his pathetic genitals while making fun of his small penis! After flashing him with a barrage of upskirt groin-kicks, she slowly strips off her clothes and teases him while his cock and balls are brutally tormented! She doesnt even permit him to touch himself or cover his balls to protect himself from a ruthless onslaught of femdom male punishment!

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Extreme ballbusting

Here you can watch an extreme ballbusting session with two sadistic Berlin mistresses! They punish him unbelievable cruel – but nevertheless the slave tails up his cock! CBT is very painful! But the two ladies aren’t bothering about the pathetic loser so they laugh about him and have lot of fun! Ballbusting and cock torture is what they want to do today!

Extreme ballbusting   sadistic mistresses cock torture ballbusting

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Severe Consequences

Daisy Tanks ties up a man who hit her car and she exacts her revenge by stepping on his balls and flogging him with her flogger. While he sits helpless in a chair she spits in his face as well as into his mouth to humiliate and degrade him! She also tortures his cock and balls by kicking them repeatedly with her black leather boots until they are numb and useless! She tries to make him impotent by squeezing his balls until the no longer receive any blood circulation!

Severe Consequences   tortures squeezing revenge kicking humiliate helpless flogging degrade cock and balls balls

Getting Revenge on the Boss

This sexy blonde babe was low on cash because she got laid off from her job at the orphanage. The stagnant economy gave her no other choice but to apply for a job at the local stripjoint owned by the sleazy Big Boss. He turned out to be a real scumbag when he was interviewing her. He walked up to her without any pants and began trying to grope her and she snapped and began beating his naked testicles into a pulp. Her testicular onslaught was both relentless and brutal and the Big Boss was unable to retaliate because he was inundated with a crippling amount of genital pain!

Getting Revenge on the Boss   testicles beating testicles revenge relentless genital pain brutal blonde beating

Gorgeous girl Punishes

Regan Reese has been abused by sleazy men throughout her life and she has an obsession with abusing and battering the testicles of nasty perverts who try to fondle her huge tits! She exercises her deepest desires by putting the pervert through a ballbusting workout consisting of plenty of kicks and punches to his bare balls! To add insult to injury she makes fun of how tiny is cock is and she tells him that it is way too small to please her. So she pleases herself by masturbating in front of him while stomping on his nuts and crushing them with her feet!

Gorgeous girl Punishes   stomping on nuts punches perverts pervert masturbating kicks balls huge tits ballbusting abusing

Stomping Revenge

Daisy Tanks ties up a man who hit her car and she exacts her revenge by stepping on his balls and flogging him with her flogger. While he sits helpless in a chair she spits in his face as well as into his mouth to humiliate and degrade him! She also tortures his cock and balls by kicking them repeatedly with her black leather boots until they are numb and useless! She tries to make him impotent by squeezing his balls until the no longer receive any blood circulation!

Stomping Revenge   tortures squeezing revenge humiliate helpless flogging balls

Punishing the Intruder

Misty Stone … the worlds hottest ebony pornstar … was sleeping while a masked stalker snuck into her bedroom and began caressing her ass and sniffing her feet. Before he was able to insert his dirty little cock into her she woke up and began taking charge of the situation by battering his balls and stomping on his genitals! This insane ball busting story involves tons of genital brutality and CFNM femdom ball torture! Misty Stone teaches the pervert a lesson by kneeing and punching and kicking his exposed cock and balls. She even teases him by sensually stroking his cock with her smooth hands and right before he is able to cum she uppercuts him in the nuts and denies him of an orgasm!

Punishing the Intruder   pervert kicking ebony cock and balls brutality balls ball busting

Red Nuts

You do have to feel some pity for this slave. Princess Leya is not for the meek, and her slave knows daily pain is a fact of life. Especially for this slaves balls which she loves to torture regularly. She gets a tight grip on them, isolating them from his body and then she attacks smacking them with little concern for his pain. It does very much please Leya though when slaves sacrifice their balls for her. It shows proper adoration, devotion and gratitude to being owned by her. But enough of that, there is more ball torturing to do, it looks like this slaves nuts can take many more hits.

Red Nuts   torture slave ball torturing

Punishing His Nuts

It almost seems like men’s balls shrivel just a little when in the presence of Princess Leya. That’s likely because she has a tendency to torture them, to repeatedly smack a man’s balls over and over again often for no particular reason. At least today she is rewarding the slave by letting him kiss her ass once in exchange for his ball suffering. Doesn’t look like this slave has much stamina today though as it doesn’t take long for him to hit the floor in pain, unable to handle any more attacks to his scrotal sac.

Punishing His Nuts   torture smack balls pain

Proper Ball Strength

Is proper ball strength important? Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it’s just another way for Lady Edyn to make her male slaves suffer. Whatever the case may be she permits this slave to stroke his cock only after he has used his balls to pull weights on the weight machine. Then can stroke his cock only to be denied relief and have to pull the weights yet again.

Proper Ball Strength   male slave ball strength

Blond Cock Biter

Youre a loser and a pervert and Im gonna make you regret even having these balls… said the blonde ballbuster to her future eunuch! It is ball busting season and Shayne Riders ballbusting schedule is jam packed! Her next eunuch is chained to the rocks and before dispatching his puny nuts she decides to tenderize them with unforgiving kicks and punches and knees! She humiliates him and calls him names while punishing his testes and teasing him with her juicy blonde bubble butt and perky tits! Youre lucky to even get anywhere within a 5 mile radius of a hot babe like me. Youre not worthy to even touch me and youre lucky that Im even kicking you in the balls you pathetic pervert! … Shayne humiliates the pathetic loser while squeezing and punching and kicking and spitting on his cock and balls!

Blond Cock Biter   squeezing punches kicking balls ball busting

Handjob Hell

Brittany casually strokes the bound slaves penis, giving him a rare glimpse of pleasure. But she demands that he beg for it at all times. ‘I don’t hear any begging’ she reminds the slave, and stops stroking every time the slaves begging isn’t up to the task. ‘Please don’t stop’ the slave begs, which only makes Brittany stop immediately. ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ she chastises him, the slave knowing full well there is little he can do. The stroking starts and stops over and over, with some cbt intermixed just to keep the slave on edge. ‘Shut up, now beg’ she reminds the pathetic slave, taking little pity in his desperate begging for release. ‘Whose your master?’ she asks the slave, reminding him of his place in life. When the slaves begging fails to meet her satisfaction, she gets pissed off and walks right out, abandoning the slave with no relief.

Handjob Hell   handjob bound slaves penis