Extreme Ball Busting Femdom Porn

Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! DomBallBusting is ready to become your ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! Dommes gone wild! They will enslave your sack with kicking, trampling, and more! Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel. Join them for the ultimate thrill!
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A Blowjob with Teeth

Cherry Torn looks you in the eyes as she strip her clothes off, and tells you how much she wants to feel your cock and balls between her teeth. Once she is completely naked, she drops to her knees and slips your cock in her mouth. Once she has sucked your cock until it’s nice and hard, she begins to nibble and then chop down hard with her pearly whites. She bites the head of your cock, the sides, and even your balls. Cherry is not done until you explode your load of cum all over her face.

A Blowjob with Teeth   cock and balls blowjob bites cock and balls

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The Ball Kick Game

Looks like Molly and Andriana are playing the ball kick game. It’s a game of strategy and cunning, where the goal is to see who can send the slave to the floor by kicking his balls. Back and forth the girls go, each sending strong kicks to the slaves nuts but after a few rounds somehow he is still standing. Then Andriana finally delivers the killing blow, a swift kick that nails it’s target and bam, the slave hits the floor. We have a winner!

The Ball Kick Game   slaves nuts slave kicking balls ball kick

Balls Destroyed

Sandy really has no respect for a mans balls. She knows how sensitive they are and how intensely painful it is for a man when they are slapped. But instead of handling them with care, she instead sits on the slaves face and starts smacking them full force. The pain the slave must be feeling is indescribable. He is writhing in pain under her ass as his balls begin to turn beet red from all the hits, but Sandy continues torturing them with a sadistic smile on her face.

Balls Destroyed   under ass torturing slave sits on face sadistic pain mans balls balls smacking

Start At Nipples, Finish At Balls

Having ones nipples and balls tortured can be a drag. But being face sat by Nika while it’s happening can’t be all bad! She starts twisting his nipples as a warm up, but then she moves over to the prize, namely slapping his sensitive balls. Now the slave is getting lively as his nuts take multiple direct hits, but Nika’s ass keeps him in place.

Start At Nipples, Finish At Balls   slapping balls sensitive balls balls tortured

Kick His Nuts Again And Again

For reasons unknown, it seems like Lexia has little regard for the male ball sack. She seems to enjoy kicking it every opportunity she gets. Fortunately her slave is more than willing to volunteer his balls for kicking, not like he had much choice in the matter anyways. Why Lexia keeps hammering him in the nuts we’ll probably never know, but she really does seem to delight in doing it!

Kick His Nuts Again And Again   male ball sack kicking balls kick nuts

He’ll Do Anything

The girls will torture this slaves cock and balls. Why? Because they can of course, and because they feel like it. They know this slave will do anything to please them since Jessica and Karmen don’t keep weak slaves as property, only the most deserving slaves earn being owned by them. And after all this slave is a male, he is born to suffer for their amusement. So out comes the cock shocked and out comes his pain as the girls entertain themselves by making this male suffer with the touch of a button.

Hell Do Anything   torture slave cock shocked cock and balls

Pleasure Her Or Your Balls Will Pay

Jennifer isn’t asking too much, she just wants some oral attention. Oh yeah there is one catch, she will slap his balls if he doesn’t perform as she wants. The slave does attempt to lick her as valiantly as he can, but somehow it isn’t always quite what Jennifer is looking for. A slap to the balls seems to rectify the situation and she is happy again, but just briefly. So another slap is in order. It turns out that slave balls are quite an effective tool at controlling performance.

Pleasure Her Or Your Balls Will Pay   slave balls slapping balls oral pleasure

She Loves To Hit Balls

It seems like ladies come in two varieties regarding how they treat the male scrotal sac. Some like to carefully rub them, caress them, treat them delicately. Others like to smack them hard and make men cringe in pain. Unfortunately for the slave, Pepper is of the latter variety. Sure he does get to kiss her ass a bit, but ultimately he endures multiple kicks to the balls which send him crashing to the floor, only to be met by hand smacks to the balls over and over again. It looks really painful, but even though the slave is struggling to even catch a breath Pepper still demands that he respectfully ask ‘Please Mistress may I have another’ after every impact to his nut sack.

She Loves To Hit Balls   smack balls slave pain ball kicks

Balls Meet Boots

The ever sadistic Mistress Lexia just loves to torture balls. She kicks them, slaps them, squeezes them, anything to torture his family jewels. ‘You are trembling!’ she says, finding the whole ball torture ordeal quite amusing. The slave isn’t finding the situation quite as amusing though. But he endures for her, what choices does he have anyways?

Balls Meet Boots   torture balls sadistic mistress ball torture

Crushing His Balls Makes Him Whimper

Harmony likes to occasionally test the loyalty of her slaves. Today she is testing this pets devotion to her by crushing his balls under her feet. ‘I wanna hear you whimper’ she adds, taking delight in his pain. Her red shoes are so pretty, they seem to naturally to fit on top of slave balls. ‘I’m missing a ball’ she complains when one pops away in another direction. The slave quickly places them back in order for her on the bench and Harmony proceeds to step on them again. ‘Worship me while i torture you’ she sweetly says, allowing the slave to kiss her thigh while she crushes his balls. He lavishes her thigh with kisses but unfortunately it does little to alleviate the crushing weight off his balls.

Crushing His Balls Makes Him Whimper   torture slave balls balls crushing

The Art Of Pain And Pleasure

With Heidi still in charge of the household, she decides to have some more fun with Mistress Antonia’s slave. With the slave bound to the table, Heidi walks in and informs the slave that she is about to teach him the art of pain and pleasure. With this gorgeous woman now getting up on the table, the poor slave doesn’t know if he should be excited or scared! Turns out its a little bit of both. In a maniacal pain and pleasure twist, oh so sexy Heidi uses her hands and mouth to pleasure the slave only to torture him every time he’s close to orgasm. ‘So you want to cum? I want to hear you beg for it’ she says as she gets the slave all excited. Her begs and begs as Heidi licks, strokes and pleasures the slaves penis. All of a sudden out of no where, she starts pounding on the slaves balls! ‘I don’t like how you begged’ she says and she smacks the slaves balls over and over again as he screams in pain. The slaves begs ‘Sorry Mistress’, only to be told ‘Take it, take the pain’. More painful slaps to the balls ensue, then all of a sudden Heidi turns sweet again and starts pleasuring the slave penis one more time. Once again the slave is brought to the edge only to be sweetly asked by Heidi ‘so do you want to cum?’ Again the slave begs for orgasm, and again Heidi turns savage, smacking his balls without mercy. ‘I said beg’ she says slapping his balls hard to make her point. Over and over she slaps the slaves balls leaving the slave dazed and confused as to what to do. Yet again as before she turns sweet and begins pleasuring him once again. Over and over Heidi pleasures and tortures the poor slave who endures so much pain to earn his pleasure. In the end with the slave begging in desperation for an orgasm, she just says ‘whatever’ and walks out, leaving the slave a begging mess. This is an unbelievable clip that you’ll want to watch over and over again!

The Art Of Pain And Pleasure   torture slaves balls slave pleasure and pain pleasure pain mistress balls smacking balls slapping