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Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! DomBallBusting is ready to become your ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! Dommes gone wild! They will enslave your sack with kicking, trampling, and more! Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel. Join them for the ultimate thrill!
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His Ball Pain Makes Her Climax

Harmony loves to cum. She loves it even more when she can torture a slaves balls while she is being licked! Straddling the slaves face, she takes her rightful pleasure from his tongue, smacking his balls hard totally at random in the process. Her moans of pleasure are such a delight to hear, interrupted only by the muffled screams of the slave when his balls take a hit. ‘Lick it!’ she demands when she detects a slowdown in pleasure, and the slave redoubles his efforts. He knows he will not escape ball pain today, but he still tries his best to orally please his owner. After all, you don’t want to get on Harmony’s bad side!

His Ball Pain Makes Her Climax   torture slaves balls balls smacking ball pain

Savage Ball Kicking

This ball beating is hardcore. Lexia’s firm legs look fantastic in her thigh high boots and little skirt, but they are hard to see because she doesn’t stop kicking the slave in the balls over and over again. The slaves hands are bound to the ceiling to make sure he can’t go anywhere, leaving him totally at her mercy. But he will get none. The beating his balls take is incredible! Watch and enjoy, but please note that this clip is not for the meek! His balls were swollen like coconuts after Lexia was done.

Savage Ball Kicking   ball kicking ball beating

Let Me Caress Your Balls

Mistress Flame is acting so sweet to the slave, lovingly stroking and handling his penis. She even leans over and gently kisses the slave on the lips, putting him totally at ease. But it doesn’t last. She starts to focus more and more on his balls, and with more focus comes more pain. She slaps his balls, taking delight in the response it brings from the slave. ‘Awww, does that hurt?’ she so sweetly asks as his screams build. But he’s bound and clearly not going anywhere, so the ball slaps continue.

Let Me Caress Your Balls   slaves balls balls slapping ball slaps
Let Me Caress Your Balls   slaves balls balls slapping ball slaps

Battered Balls

Already heavily scarred by cigarettes, Lexia decides he needs more pain. His balls are close by, so why not hit them? With her ass planted on his face, she starts punching the slaves balls. ‘Does that hurt?’ she asks. The slaves reply is muffled by ass and can barely be heard. No matter, she keeps beating his balls. She does occasionally reward the slave though, lifting her ass and commanding ‘Kiss’. The slave gets a taste of heaven, but it’s brief. She plops back down and resumes the ball beating. Back and forth it goes, balls beaten, ass kissing as a reward.

Battered Balls   slaves balls balls punching balls beating ass kissing

Smashed Nuts

Lexia enjoys inflicting pain on men. In particular, one of her favorite body parts to torture is a slaves balls. Punching them, slapping them, kicking them, any way to make a man scream in pain. The blows come hard and fast, she doesn’t hold back one bit! Her gorgeous heels kick the slaves balls over and over full force with little pity. Even when the slave buckles over in pain she doesn’t care, and only resumes kicking his balls even more. She laughs as the poor slave struggles to maintain his composure as Lexia shows no sign of letting up.

Smashed Nuts   slaves balls kicking balls balls slapping balls kicking

Strong Balls Competition

Mistress Antonia is hanging out with her friend Sandy when they decide to put their slaves to the test with a ball kicking competition! They line up their slaves against the wall and take turns kicking each slave directly in the balls. Over and over they kick in some of the most hardcore ball kicking you’ve ever seen! The slaves yell, scream, and occasionally almost fall to the ground, but they do their best to please their owners. ‘Stay up, you don’t wanna embarrass me’ Mistress Antonia chastises her worthless pet. On it goes until finally Sandy’s slave falls to the ground.

Strong Balls Competition   slaves mistress ball kicking

Up, Smash

Princess Jennifer loves games, especially the ones that involve pain to the male ball sack. This game is a simple one, it’s called Up, Smash. He stands up, and she smashes her foot into his nut sack. Simple right? Well perhaps not so simple for him as he struggles to endure the pain to please her, as she has many more kicks in store for him before the game is up.

Up, Smash   nut sack kicks ball sack ball kicks

Balls Are Meant To Be Tortured

Balls are meant to be tortured. I mean they are just hanging there in full view, what else would they before? That’s how Lady Edyn feels about slave balls anyways, they are the perfect tool to use when controlling a male. Make him learn that his balls will suffer if he doesn’t obey and men usually fall right in line like good little servants.

Balls Are Meant To Be Tortured   slave balls balls torture

It’s Not Your Dick

Silly slave thinking his cock is still his. No, it’s property of Princess Jennifer just like every other part of him. And his cock makes the perfect tool to introduce her friend Goddess Katy to femdom, by having both girls kick him in the nuts repeatedly until he crumbles to the floor in pain.

Its Not Your Dick   slave pain kick nuts femdom

Extreme ballbusting

Here you can watch an extreme ballbusting session with two sadistic Berlin mistresses! They punish him unbelievable cruel – but nevertheless the slave tails up his cock! CBT is very painful! But the two ladies aren’t bothering about the pathetic loser so they laugh about him and have lot of fun! Ballbusting and cock torture is what they want to do today!

Extreme ballbusting   sadistic mistresses cock torture ballbusting

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Severe Consequences

Daisy Tanks ties up a man who hit her car and she exacts her revenge by stepping on his balls and flogging him with her flogger. While he sits helpless in a chair she spits in his face as well as into his mouth to humiliate and degrade him! She also tortures his cock and balls by kicking them repeatedly with her black leather boots until they are numb and useless! She tries to make him impotent by squeezing his balls until the no longer receive any blood circulation!

Severe Consequences   tortures squeezing revenge kicking humiliate helpless flogging degrade cock and balls balls

Getting Revenge on the Boss

This sexy blonde babe was low on cash because she got laid off from her job at the orphanage. The stagnant economy gave her no other choice but to apply for a job at the local stripjoint owned by the sleazy Big Boss. He turned out to be a real scumbag when he was interviewing her. He walked up to her without any pants and began trying to grope her and she snapped and began beating his naked testicles into a pulp. Her testicular onslaught was both relentless and brutal and the Big Boss was unable to retaliate because he was inundated with a crippling amount of genital pain!

Getting Revenge on the Boss   testicles beating testicles revenge relentless genital pain brutal blonde beating

Gorgeous girl Punishes

Regan Reese has been abused by sleazy men throughout her life and she has an obsession with abusing and battering the testicles of nasty perverts who try to fondle her huge tits! She exercises her deepest desires by putting the pervert through a ballbusting workout consisting of plenty of kicks and punches to his bare balls! To add insult to injury she makes fun of how tiny is cock is and she tells him that it is way too small to please her. So she pleases herself by masturbating in front of him while stomping on his nuts and crushing them with her feet!

Gorgeous girl Punishes   stomping on nuts punches perverts pervert masturbating kicks balls huge tits ballbusting abusing