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Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! DomBallBusting is ready to become your ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! Dommes gone wild! They will enslave your sack with kicking, trampling, and more! Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel. Join them for the ultimate thrill!
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Beat Those Balls Blue

Beat Those Balls Blue   slave Mistress Savannah Mistress Missy femdom climax balls
Mistress Savannah teams with Mistress Missy to put the hurt on the bullet proof balls of slave lance for 41 minutes. He is treated to a pussy in his face most of the time his balls are getting the rough treatment. The big swollen orbs are drained dry in a messy climax as Mistress Savannah milks out every drop. Her partner does not spare the cane or the cock whip as this mother and daughter team gang up for total Femdom control.

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Crushing His Balls Makes Him Whimper

Harmony likes to occasionally test the loyalty of her slaves. Today she is testing this pets devotion to her by crushing his balls under her feet. ‘I wanna hear you whimper’ she adds, taking delight in his pain. Her red shoes are so pretty, they seem to naturally to fit on top of slave balls. ‘I’m missing a ball’ she complains when one pops away in another direction. The slave quickly places them back in order for her on the bench and Harmony proceeds to step on them again. ‘Worship me while i torture you’ she sweetly says, allowing the slave to kiss her thigh while she crushes his balls. He lavishes her thigh with kisses but unfortunately it does little to alleviate the crushing weight off his balls.

Crushing His Balls Makes Him Whimper   torture slave balls balls crushing

The Art Of Pain And Pleasure

With Heidi still in charge of the household, she decides to have some more fun with Mistress Antonia’s slave. With the slave bound to the table, Heidi walks in and informs the slave that she is about to teach him the art of pain and pleasure. With this gorgeous woman now getting up on the table, the poor slave doesn’t know if he should be excited or scared! Turns out its a little bit of both. In a maniacal pain and pleasure twist, oh so sexy Heidi uses her hands and mouth to pleasure the slave only to torture him every time he’s close to orgasm. ‘So you want to cum? I want to hear you beg for it’ she says as she gets the slave all excited. Her begs and begs as Heidi licks, strokes and pleasures the slaves penis. All of a sudden out of no where, she starts pounding on the slaves balls! ‘I don’t like how you begged’ she says and she smacks the slaves balls over and over again as he screams in pain. The slaves begs ‘Sorry Mistress’, only to be told ‘Take it, take the pain’. More painful slaps to the balls ensue, then all of a sudden Heidi turns sweet again and starts pleasuring the slave penis one more time. Once again the slave is brought to the edge only to be sweetly asked by Heidi ‘so do you want to cum?’ Again the slave begs for orgasm, and again Heidi turns savage, smacking his balls without mercy. ‘I said beg’ she says slapping his balls hard to make her point. Over and over she slaps the slaves balls leaving the slave dazed and confused as to what to do. Yet again as before she turns sweet and begins pleasuring him once again. Over and over Heidi pleasures and tortures the poor slave who endures so much pain to earn his pleasure. In the end with the slave begging in desperation for an orgasm, she just says ‘whatever’ and walks out, leaving the slave a begging mess. This is an unbelievable clip that you’ll want to watch over and over again!

The Art Of Pain And Pleasure   torture slaves balls slave pleasure and pain pleasure pain mistress balls smacking balls slapping

His Balls Paid The Price

‘Isn’t it a privilege to be kissing my sweet ass?’ Pepper so innocently asks. Alas the cost of such a privilege is severe. In this case, his balls must pay the price. Pepper smacks them with a savagery that you wouldn’t expect from such a petite and innocent looking girl. But she is far from innocent, she loves making men suffer for the privilege of worshiping her. ‘Beg for more’ she demands, smacking his balls without pity as the screaming slave struggles to kiss her ass the way she likes it. ‘Is it worth the pain?’ she asks with a smile on her face, knowing that the slave must be in horrific pain from the beating she is giving his balls. But she loves every minute of it. ‘I didn’t tell you to stop kissing’ she reminds him, smacking his balls multiple times to get her point across that his mouth is to remain on her ass at all times. *SMACK*, another hit to the balls followed by ‘Say thank you’ as Pepper loves to hear slaves begging for more pain. *SMACK* another direct hit to the balls immediately after he thanks her for the privilege of kissing her ass. The smile on Peppers face says it all, she loves inflicting pain on men.

His Balls Paid The Price   slave pain balls smacking balls beating ass kissing

Does It Hurt?

Sophie is genuinely curious…does it hurt? Not from her actions mind you, since she is nicely touching and teasing the slaves cock. But she is wondering about what Mistress Antonia is doing, namely grabbing and twisting his balls. The girls alternate for fun, with one girl teasing his cock with pleasure, the other torturing his balls with pain. Over and over they go…why? Because they can of course!

Does It Hurt?   twisting balls torturing balls slaves cock pleasure pain mistress cock teasing

Ballbusting with heavy shackles

Ballbusting with heavy shackles   tied up slave sadistic cruel mistresses ballbusting abuse The slave is tied up with heavy shackles. Additionally he has to wear a pillory for his balls… He looks so pitiful! But the two cruel mistresses abuse him in a very sadistic way! First he gets a vibrator deep in his asshole! Then the ladies hit his balls very hard and order him to run around the cage. Still wearing the heavy shackles it is a very difficult task – and the ladies have lot of fun!

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Learning To Use His Balls

Just found some lost footage of Taylor! This is the very first video we ever recorded of her. If you recall from her other clips, Taylor was a pretty young girl that was very vanilla and came to Mistress Antonia to learn to be more dominant with men. She’s a natural, and eventually becomes a very dominant woman! But in this first clip with her she is just getting started. Mistress Antonia starts her off with the essentials, basically how to use a slaves balls as a means to control his performance. Squeezing and twisting them, Taylor notices that the more the slave hurts, the better he licks her pussy. A very valuable lesson to a dominant women in training! Mistress Antonia eventually hands the slaves balls over to Taylor for her to try herself, applying pain and discomfort to the slave in return for sexual pleasure on demand for her. Taylor looks so cute and innocent in this clip!

Learning To Use His Balls   young girl twisting balls slaves balls sexual pleasure dominant woman

Please Not My Balls

Where can the slave go? No where really, given that he’s totally bound and gagged to the torture table. His balls though are completely accessible to Lexias hand, boot, crop and metal rod. And so the torture begins! Lexia shows no pity as she brutalizes the slaves balls. Over and over the poor slave winces and yells in pain as the barrage of smacks to his balls continue unrelentingly. For good measure, she also pours hot candle wax onto the head of the slaves cock. Ouch! Lexia may look gorgeous, but she is indeed quite heartless.

Please Not My Balls   torture smack balls slaves cock slaves balls balls smacking

C’mon Slave Cum

Cmon Slave Cum   smacking balls smack balls slave pleasure and pain mistress balls smacking

‘You wanna cum slave?’ Mistress Flame sweetly says. Such an innocent question with such an obvious answer. It’s been two weeks since she has allowed him an orgasm, but she has no plans of making it easy. She strokes his cock giving the slave much needed pleasure, but she also keeps smacking his balls with her other hand. He grunts and groans an in cocktail of pleasure and pain, not really sure which way to go. ‘Awwww, I didn’t say it was gonna be easy’ she says feigning concern, yet continuing to smack his balls while stroking him. In the end she gives him one final hard smack to the balls and says ‘Nope’, and proceeds to walk out. No relief for the slave today.

Cmon Slave Cum   smacking balls smack balls slave pleasure and pain mistress balls smacking

Squeezing Balls

Well what do you know, as it turns out Leya and Jessica love to squeeze a man’s balls. I mean they look like cute sweet innocent girls so that last thing you would expect is them keeping a man all bound up in their bedroom for purposes of torture. But they do very much enjoy his suffering, specifically squeezing his balls over and over again, making him endure extreme pain. It’s hilarious to the girls, his suffering being a means of entertainment. What can he do though, he is completely bound and has no way to escape so he will have to suffer for their entertainment.

Squeezing Balls   torture suffering extreme pain balls torture

Torturing His Balls

Nika gets a kick out of kicking this slaves balls. Get it….gets a kick? Ok, not a particularly funny joke. The slave isn’t laughing either though, as Nika relentlessly kicks him right in the nuts. Smack… smack.. smack, the kicks keep coming. ‘C’mon stand straight’ Nika demands when the slave starts to buckle under the pain, and the slave does his best to please her. But eventually a really swift kick to the balls sends him to the floor. But this only gives Nika a new way to torture his family jewels. She now sits on his face and starts slapping his nuts. The slaves is really hurting now, but where can he go? No where, he has to endure under her ass until Nika is done with his nuts.

Torturing His Balls   torturing balls torture slaves balls balls slapping balls kicking ball kicks

Nika Whips Cock

Nika owns a well endowed slave that, as you can imagine, provides her with a variety of pleasure and service. Today though, she simply feels like whipping his cock. She binds his pesky hands out of the way and starts to whip. Yikes, the pain must be horrific for the slave as the whip cracks down on his cock repeatedly! Over and over non stop, his cock is severely whipped. Meanwhile, the very pretty Nika has a smile on her face, enjoying this fine afternoon of slave torture.

Nika Whips Cock   torture slave cock whipping

Trample Or Cbt?

It’s that age old question, which is more painful trampling or cock and ball torture? The girls are curious as well, so they use the slave to find the answer. Sophie starts trampling the slave in her pretty pink high heeled shoes while Mistress Antonia puts the slaves balls in a vice and tortures them. After a suitable amount of screams from the slave they ask him which hurt more. Alas the slave can’t decide, so the girls switch places and the torture resumes now with Mistress Antonia trampling him and Sophie slapping his balls. Poor slave, hopefully he can figure out a proper answer soon!

Trample Or Cbt?   slaves balls slave painful trampling mistress cock and ball torture balls slapping