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Extreme Ball Busting Femdom Porn

Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! DomBallBusting is ready to become your ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! Dommes gone wild! They will enslave your sack with kicking, trampling, and more! Never-ending pain! A kick, another kick, then a pierce of the heel. Join them for the ultimate thrill!
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Office Facesitting and Ballbusting

Office Facesitting and Ballbusting   smothers punches pain kicks facesitting cutting dick climax bitch ballbusting abuse The bitch reigns supreme at the office as a bitchy blonde sits on a man’s face and smothers him while stroking his dick. She kicks and punches the beefy guy in the nuts. After all this abuse, she finally strokes him nicely, helping to get him nice and hard, but only after inflicting much pain first. After more abuse, she and he engage in simultaneous masturbation, he pulling his pud while she strokes her puss, but then it’s back to abuse and threats of cutting his dick off with a knife. It’s sharp, it’s curved… and it looks very dangerous. She does, however, jerk him off to a jizzingly satisfactory climax that results in his sperming her milky white tits. Yummm.

Double kicking attack on the slave

Double kicking attack on the slave   slave foot domination double kicking I wanted to try out a kicking video after Marissa told me how much fun it is. We’re taking turns and leave the slave little time to recover – but he flinches too much! Marissa takes care of that and grabs him from behind – to hold him in place – and I continue to kick him. One knee kick must have hit the right spot as he suddenly can’t stand up anymore – but that’s not a real problem. We make him stand on all fours and continue to kick into his stomach until he breaks down completely. Then I punish his weakness by trampling him and jumping on him a little – before we take off and leave him behind.

Ballbusting – hitting his balls again and again

Ballbusting   hitting his balls again and again   slave pain hitting balls ballbusting Well, let’s see how much this slave can take. I’ll now attack his balls – by throwing a hard ball on his jewels again and again. The slave obviously has to return the ball to me every time while I’m doing the target practice. I’m getting better and better – and hit his balls so hard he moans in pain – which only motivates me to hit him again even harder!

Ballbusting Punishment – Mistress Gaia

Ballbusting Punishment   Mistress Gaia   stiletto heels slave punishment Mistress Gaia kicks in balls footjob bare feet ballbusting My slave wants a footjob. So I decided to allow him a little treat and give him one. He’s been waiting a while and his cock is not ready. So I begin by stroking it with my stiletto heels and it’s not long before my slut begins to respond. I remove my shoes and stroke his cock with my bare feet. As I continue to massage it putting it between my feet, my slut begs me to allow him to cum. I tell him no..He must wait until I allow it. After a while I tell him he can cum. He makes such a mess of my feet. I get him to clean them. He’s such a dirty slut, is now going to be punished. I get him to stand in front of me and begin giving him some good hard kicks in his balls. He squeals as I continue to increase the power of my kicks. Eventually I kick him so hard he falls to the ground. What a wimp! I tell him to stay down and and kiss the feet of Mistress Gaia…

Extreme Ballbusting In High Heels – Real Session!

Extreme Ballbusting In High Heels   Real Session!   pain kicking balls kick balls ballbusting This loser came and paid me just to have his balls DESTROYED by my kicks…. haha is so good to be me! I start to kick his balls with my sexy boots extremely hard, full power! I laugh a lot while he struggles in pain… I don’t care whether he can take it or not. I just keep kicking over and over again until he is ready to cry… after a while I changed my shoes and continued to kick him … at the end his balls were double size. I enjoyed a lot this session!


Now we’re gonna treat the slave’s cock. His dick was stuck through the little hole on the penis table, so that the slave dick won’t escape us! We’re standing directly on his penis, squeezing it extremely beneath out feet. The slave has to bear every pain, and when he’s tired and moaning, we order him to stay right where he is – under the penis table. We’ll only come to an end, when we wanna quit trampling by outselves!

Ballbusting for the new money slave

The girls want to go shopping, so Jordan Star (alias Miss Medina) calls her new money slave. But the little loser has only few money, so he gets punished by Lady Chantal, Miss Jane, Sweetbaby and Jordan Star. The girls bound him between two trees with spread legs and kick his balls repeatedly. He will have enough money next time.

Ballbusting and pee

Miss Jane and I enjoy our coffee while our slave sits in his cell and watches us thirsty. His request for a drink we graciously complied. First he gets some spit for his dry tongue, then he may drink our bitter piss that we pour into his dog bowl. Everything has its price – for our quality, we let the loser still suffer somewhat, his balls have to suffer some kicks and punches until we lock him away again.

Pee and fisting and cock torture

Before the slave will drink our piss, we torment him a bit. His cock is tormented with a serrated clamp, then beaten with fists and hands. With Dildos we stuff his ass until he writhes in pain. And finally he is ready to take our pee in on. Miss Cherie sits comfortably on the toilet seat while the slave willingly swallows her piss.

Cock Treatment – Kicks in the Balls

Cock Treatment   Kicks in the Balls   kicks in balls kicking balls ballbusting How much kicks will this loser’s mini-weenie probably stand? I wanna find it out with the help of Lady Chanel, and the results will be noted dainty. After all, we wanna know wether we can kick this pig’s balls 10 times, 50 times or maybe even 100 times.. Of course we have no mercy or compassion – the more we’re kicking his balls, the more we’re overcoming our inhibitions and end up kicking his balls even harder and harder.

Your balls belong to us!

Your balls belong to us!   swollen balls CBT ballgag Have you ever seen such swollen balls? The more they are swollen, the better I can punish them This little piggy wasn’t well behaved. So first he gets the cane, and then I put some Finalgon on his glan. Now his balls have a turn. With a cane, whip and a carpet beater we make him scream, which can be easily prevented with a ballgag, haha.

Cock and balls destruction

14 minutes of pure cruel ballbusting torture. We kick these two slaves as hard into the balls as we can. As these poor idiots usually break down after some hard kicks we use a second slave as backup. But this loser also breaks down after some minutes so we start kicking the first one again. Kick after agonizing kick to their swollen, bruised balls with our superior physical strength sends these freaks falling to the ground but we show no mercy, dragging them back up to their feet for even more abuse from our heavy black thigh high boots.

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